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Teen Patti Guide

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Teen Patti is a gambling card game, adored by Indian players, which translates as “three cards”. It’s fast-paced, direct and fun, with short rounds which last just a few minutes each. A lighter version of Poker, it’s based on the same rules but allows the opportunity to bet blindly. And, in case you were wondering, you do make a hand from only three cards! Read on in this Comeon Teen Patti guide to find out how to get started and win!

On this page we will cover teen patti the live casino game, not teen patti gold.

Playing Teen Patti Online Successfully

Playing Teen Patti online is straightforward and great fun. It is typically played with 3 to 6 players, using a standard pack of playing cards with the jokers removed. Before you start playing, an agreed minimum stake, or ‘boot’, is placed on the table by all players, which will grow during the game. A dealer is then randomly selected, and each player is dealt 3 cards in a clockwise direction. Players can then choose to view their cards and play ‘seen’. Alternatively, you can opt to play ‘blind’ by leaving them face down and view them when you choose later in the game. On each round, wagering depends on whether you opt to play ‘blind’ or ‘seen’, along with the previous bet placed. The trick is to maximise the amount of ‘boot’ money by bluffing when you can. It is eventually won by the lucky player who remains in the game with the highest-ranking hand.

Teen Patti Online Hand Rankings

Although Teen Patti online is extremely straightforward to play, any successful player first needs to consult a Teen Patti guide and learn about the hand rankings. The highest hand you can be dealt is a Trail or Set, which is 3 matching cards, with the top combination being Aces. The next good hand to watch out for is the Pakki Round of a straight flush, for instance, Q-K-A in the same suit.

Of course, when you discover playing Teen Patti online, you will also come across an ever-growing choice of exciting varieties. These Teen Patti variations make it more entertaining and interesting for experienced players, but the hand rankings usually remain the same. Once you are confident about them, then the all-important art of bluffing comes into play.

Moves In Teen Patti

In the classic game there are 5 game moves, but be aware that these can differ slightly between Teen Patti variations available online. Aside from playing ‘blind’, you can opt to play Chaal, where you continue to play in the game and place the required bet. You would do this when you are confident about your strong hand or when you are bluffing another player into folding their hand.

Any ‘seen’ player is also allowed to request a Side Show, allowing them to compare their hand with the previous player, who can decline or accept the request. But, if they accept and beat your cards, then you are forced to ‘fold/pack’. Players can ‘pack’ whenever they choose, if they believe they have a weaker hand than their competitors, forfeiting the money placed in the ‘boot’. Lastly, in this Teen Patti guide, if all players decline to ‘show’, it is then a tie with the ‘boot’ shared equally.

Immersive Online Casino Games

Teen Patti is, without a doubt, a game that all card players will enjoy. Like Poker, there is a certain amount of skill and strategy required. Combined with the ability to bravely bluff, it makes for an intense, immersive and fast gaming experience. There are now many websites that cater for playing Teen Patti for real money, but you can play for free too. Hone your card skills and try out the numerous variations, keeping your sessions sharp and fresh. Also keep an eye on our ComeOn bonus page for any that you can use to play Teen Patti.

Teen Patti is an intriguing card game option with good winning potential once you have mastered the rules. Be well prepared, and ensure you fully understand the hand rankings and moves if you want to gain maximum enjoyment from your playing sessions. Remember when you choose to play for real money, it’s ultimately about having great fun online, and that is what the ComeOn guides are all about, giving you the info to make good choices, from our cricket betting guides to our how-to-play guides and many more besides.