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Cricket Betting Guide

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Online cricket betting is one of the most popular pastimes around today and is directly linked to the global adoration of the sport. While it may herald from England, India remains the biggest market, and the infamous Indian Premier League is the largest league worldwide. Many thrilling series and tournaments take place each year, with the excitement of new cricketing stars appearing. If you are a fan and looking to get started online, then read on to learn about the basics in our ComeOn cricket betting guide!

Cricket Betting In India - It Doesn't Get Much Better!

Betting on sports and games of chance has remained a favourite pastime in India for generations; it’s a part of our culture. Our guides are specifically written to assist you, from our Teen Patti guide to Casino and Sportsbook reviews. As more and more international betting sites start catering specifically for Indian players, you can now find tailored services and offers—deposits available in INR, and maybe a casino bonus or two for sports fans. Dedicated mobile apps now make it even easier to get cricket betting tips and news about cricket betting in India.

All the major Sportsbooks and betting sites have cricket markets and odds covering the major sporting events. But, before you dive into action, you will be searching for the best one for Indian players. Always ensure it is a reliable and correctly licensed site which protects your security. After this, you can check out the bonuses and promotions, customer support, deposit methods and cricket markets on offer. Or you can read our ComeOn guides and make it much easier on yourself to find the right Casino & Sportsbook, and don’t forget our ComeOn Bonus page – a free bet never goes amiss!

Cricket Betting Tips - Ready To Up Your Game?

Once you’re ready, then it’s time for some cricket betting tips on getting started. In any cricket betting guide, you’ll find a huge range of bets that can be placed, particularly if you opt for in-play. A strategy is vital, so it’s important to study the history, results and statistics of chosen players or teams and players. A good option is to limit your betting scope, select a specific league, and narrow down your focus.

Cricket betting in India should be fun, and a Match Bet is a great way to become adept at handicapping. It’s a straightforward wager from three different outcomes – win, lose or draw. Choose your team and study the form, weather forecast and condition of the pitch. Then search for the best odds and compare prices offered by several cricket betting sites before you make your final predictions.

Cricket Betting Odds

Before you decide to place any bet, always be sure to hunt down the best odds for that particular bet. It may take a few minutes, but it will save you money in the long run, and taking this extra precaution can boost your cricket betting profits. You will find that they usually only vary a little, but it’s smart to maximise your budget and winning chances.

You can shop around Sportsbooks for their cricket fixtures or utilise a cricket odds feed. This way, you can view the odds available at multiple sites before you make your final decision. Nowadays, there are also many great cricket betting apps. All of which provide you with a constant supply of information, tournaments, news and odds to make your life even easier and don’t forget our guides are here to help you understand all your options.

cricket betting guide

Live In-play Betting Options

Cricket betting sites regularly offer the exciting opportunity to place in-play wagers while you watch the game. So, when you feel more confident, this provides some outstanding chances for a variety of interesting cricket bets. You will find over/under totals; batsman runs, next batsman out, method of dismissal and even the total number of runs off the next ball.

Live betting is thrilling, and any cricket betting guide will tell you that it’s the ideal sport to have some fun with and take your chance to win some money. Most of the T20 matches last at least four or five hours, so you will have plenty of time to make your next predictions and maximise your betting opportunities during the ongoing match.